Buying and Choosing the Perfect Personalised Engraved Chopping Boards, Cheese Boards and Cutting Board

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You can never have enough cutting boards. 

I have nine in my kitchen right now, and one mounted up on my living room wall. Each board has its own shape, unique grains and patterns and its own special purpose. I have one engraved for wall decoration, one for serving cheese, multiple cutting boards, snack boards and even one for camping with a board game engraved on the back of it.

Chopping boards make the perfect gift for anybody. I have never found someone who has not been grateful to receive a new chopping board, even when they own several already, and especially if it has been personalised for them. It is one of those items that you’ll use for the rest of your life if you take good care of them.

The hardwood and acacia wood boards that we personalise for you, only need the occasional wipe down with olive oil to keep looking great and lasting a lifetime. They are best cleaned by hand washing, I’m never comfortable putting a wooden item in the dishwasher as it shortens the items life drastically, and a chopping board is quick and easy to clean by hand.

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Chopping boards make great gifts as house warming presents, engagement presents and wedding presents. They make great gifts for grandma’s kitchen, birthdays and anniversaries.

Wooden chopping boards do not show up the scratches, nicks and stains that plastic chopping boards do, and they have a much higher quality feel to them.
Personalised cheese boards are both practical and decorative. They can be stood up against a wall or even hung from your wall.

We provide the highest quality engraving possible, with the perfect depth, edge smoothness and contrast so that you can easily read your message, ensuring it will last you a lifetime and that food will not get trapped easily in your engraved cheese board, making cleaning easier and your board more hygienic.

Our boards are customised and personalised just for you. If you can dream it up, we can engrave it for you. Let us know your ideas that you’d like to engrave and we’ll create something beautiful together.

Every cutting board is crafted from a unique piece of natural hardwood, having grains and patterns that no other board can have. Your board is one of a kind, personalised with your message to make it yours.

Take a look at some of our chopping board styles and designs, or send us your own design to craft for you.

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