Gift ideas for men. The perfect gifts for him.

If you have ever tried to buy a gift for a man in your life, you would know that at times it is difficult to find something he will like, because men at notoriously hard to buy for. But you are up for the challenge right?

So what are the best gifts for him? Is it an extravagant gift, something practical, a gift voucher, a sentimental item? The answer to that question is as unique as the man himself. 

Here are our top tips for selecting the perfect gift for him:

- Listen to conversations throughout the year where he may drop hints about something he might like or need. Write it down and buy this for him as a gift
- Personalise the gift to the man himself. Consider what types of things he likes and select a gift that is linked to his interests
- Be ready to think outside the box, unusual gifts can leave an impression if they are related to something he enjoys
- Determine what his hobbies are and consider if there is any equipment he may need and doesn't have
- Consider what your skills are and create a hand made gift
- If it's for your significant other, research a fun activity that you could do together to create memories - creative or romantic!
- Survey what he might need. Have you noticed his socks have holes or that his headphones are broken? Replace items he already has with something new
- A gift tailor made for him can go a long way. Personalize gift items by having them engraved with a message or his name
- See what is missing from his apartment and buy this for him
- Consider which of the options he would appreciate and use the most that fit your budget

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Still stuck for ideas? Her are some of our suggested gifts:

Hobby gifts
- Is he a golfer? Golf tees, golf balls, replacement golf clubs 
- Does he like to watch movies? A subscription to Netflix, gold class movie vouchers, purchase a DVD he may like.  
- Is he interested in cars? Auto wax, seat protectors, shammy towels
- Does he like cooking?A recipe book, man apron, kitchen appliances 
- Is he a surfer? Wetsuit or boardshorts, board wax
- Is he a pet lover? Dog leash, cat toys
- Is he well groomed? Hair gel, aftershave, cologne, beard wax
- Is he a bookworm or loves to learn? A book specific to his interests
- Does he like to play games? Monopoly deal cards, puzzles, boardgames
- Does he drink alcohol or coffee? A nice bottle of wine or whiskey, a personalized coffee mug or coffee beans 
- Is he a fitness fanatic? Protein powder, boxing gloves, weights
- Is he a music lover? Guitar picks, music stand, subscription to spotify, portable bluetooth speaker, sound blocking headphones
- Does he work in an office? A travel bag or a corporate tie
- Is he a handyman? A personalized hammer or pocket knife

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Hand made gifts
- If you are an artist you could paint him a picture
- If you are good at baking, make him something delicious
- If you are a musician, write him a song
- If you are good at creative writing, compose a poem 
- If you do scrap-booking, create a photo memory album 
- If you are a photographer, create a photo frame display 

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Experience gifts:
- Skydiving 
- Hot air balloon 
- Mini holiday getaway
- Go carting, drive a race car or Ferrari
- Unique dining experience

Practical gifts:
- New wallet
- Sunglasses
- Mobile phone case
- Watch
- Beef jerky
- Chipotle hot sauce for a guy who's serious about spice
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He may not always know what he wants but a gift that puts a smile on his face is sure to fit the occasion. 


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