Luxury Wedding Signs, Bridal Shower & Flower Wall Signs

Signs are used for many reasons – to make a statement, to attract attention, to provide information, to decorate, to send a message or to celebrate. Signage can not only be used to add beautiful detail to your special event but it’s a great way to visually share information.

If you are in charge of planning a bridal shower for the bride to be, you may feel some pressure to make the event a fun and fabulous occasion to create lasting memories. In addition to the food, games and gifts, decorations will be another aspect to plan. By adding a few personalised touches such as unique theming and decorative signs, you can change the ambiance and feel of the event significantly.  

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Flower walls can make a beautiful backdrop and create a space for your guests to take photos.
The fresh flowers bring in a natural touch to the occasion and depending on which flowers you choose, they can release a beautiful fragrance to awaken the space. If accompanied by a sign personalised to the bride, your flower wall sign signifies what the occasion is all about and can assure guests they’ve made it to the right place.

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Signage can not only be an aesthetically pleasing touch to your wedding day but a great way to provide your guests with information on where to go and what they can expect during the event.
Some of the more popular signs that are popping up in weddings today include:

  • Directional signage. Arrows are a great way to point your guests in the right direction and can be personalised to include a message such as “This way to the reception”.

    wedding arrow, wedding direction arrow, wedding signage, direction signage, arrow sign
    wedding signage, wedding directional signage, wedding arrow


  • Welcome signs. This let’s guests know they’ve made it to the right place and leaves a good first impression of your special day.

  • Order of proceedings or wedding program. Give your guests the heads up about what is going to happen during the event so that they feel involved and can get on board with the various activities you may have planned.

  • Seating instructions or seating plan. Inform your guests whether there are designated seats or if it is open seating. If there is a seating plan at the reception, make it easy for them to know which table they’ve been assigned to.

  • Hashtags for social media posts. If you are happy for guests to engage in social media posts and share their photos during the day, you may wish to create a wedding hashtag so that you have photos of the day to look back on whilst you wait for your professional images to be finalised. 

  • Unplugged ceremony. If you want a friendly way to ask your guests to turn off their mobile phones and cameras during the ceremony and/or reception, an unplugged ceremony sign can do the job!

  • Instructions for the guests. Creatively write your instructions for the photobooth, guest book, lolly buffet or hot chocolate station for your guests. If you have prepared small gifts for the convenience of your guests such as a small blanket to stay warm or a handheld fan for the heat, let them know that they’re available to be used.

  • Decorative signs. These can also be used during your wedding photoshoot to create beautiful imagery.

Your wedding signs can be advertised creatively - hung from trees, placed on tables, fastened to a board, resting on an easel or even worn by a human billboard!

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