Picking the right wooden luxury bow tie for your wedding.

Fashionable, unique, elegant, stylish and classy.
What are we talking about? The return of the humble bow tie of course!
Traditionally the bow tie was popular in the 90’s and the domain of older men who attended classy events. Today, the bow tie is for the modern man, emphasizing his individuality. Bow ties are making a comeback particularly with younger men at formal occasions.

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The wooden bow tie is eco friendly, made from natural wood and often ethically sourced. It seamlessly clips onto your dress shirt. One of the main reasons men opt for the wooden bow tie is simply because they are unique. A wooden bow tie brings that extra piece of individuality as opposed to a standard material tie. Fabric accessories will wear out over time, become dirty and faded. Wood ages gracefully and therefore your wooden tie can be kept as wedding memorabilia to keep the memory alive. Custom made wooden ties in particular are great to be kept as sentimental items post wedding to be hung on the wall or inside a photoframe. They can also be passed down the family line.

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Weddings are a festive time and an occasion to celebrate the individual style and personality of the bride and groom. A great deal of thought and care goes into preparing the bride’s dress and accessories and equally important is selecting the groom’s formal wear. Although fashion changes regularly, traditional wedding attire will stand the test of time. Often couples will seek to stand out on their wedding day by doing something different to the norm to show off their individuality. This is where couples may opt to add a unique wooden tie to their formal wear.

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There is a wooden bow tie to suit every groom. As a high quality handcrafted accessory, the wooden tie can also be a gift to the groomsman and be used as their ties for the big day. They come in various colours, textures and shapes. Customizing it means you can perfectly compliment your chosen colour scheme and style. You can customize by adding your own material to the wooden tie, to match the wedding colours. Alternatively consider engraving the back of the tie with the wedding date or a personal message.
Before you buy, be sure to check what type of wood your wooden tie is made from. They can be made from various types of wood including timber, oak, hardwood, zebrawood, walnut, maple, white oak, padauk, zebrawood, lacewood or bamboo. The type of wood you choose may determine the depth of the colour. Whichever one you select, you can be sure of one thing - wearing a bow tie will make you stand out in the best possible way!

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