Choosing the perfect wedding and engagement ring box

Have you and your significant other been talking about taking the next step? Maybe you have gone ring shopping together. Maybe the question has been popped and you are now in wedding planning mode. You may be filled with eager anticipation as you start to take that leap into the next stage of your lives together.

There are many focal points to an engagement or a wedding – the floral arrangements, the venue, the speeches, the fantastic food and then one of the smaller yet most important focal points includes the wedding rings and their chosen vessel.
What you choose to store and transport the wedding bands in can highlight the rings and their function on your big day.  Wedding bands are an eternal outward symbol of the love and commitment that is made between two people and therefore choosing your wedding ring box is an important decision because it can highlight the significance of what the rings represent – eternity, love and completion. 

Back in the day, traditional white weddings were observed with ring bearer pillows - a small pillow where the wedding rings sit. The wedding ring cushions often reflected the wedding colours or style of the couple. It would be a young male child who is related or close to the couple, who would carry the wedding ring cushion and walk the rings down the aisle to the wedding celebrant. The age of the child was commonly between four to ten years.

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Today, the modern groom may ask the officiant or his best man to carry and keep the rings in a wooden ring box at the ceremony until the time that they are required. Some wish to use miniature sized ring boxes which can easily be slipped into a pocket and given to the wedding celebrant at the required time in the proceedings. For those who have a significant furry friend in their lives, we have seen an increase in the number of family pets that are seen to carry the rings down the aisle.

ring box, engagement ring box, wedding ring box

When choosing your wedding and engagement ring box, you are making an investment to securely store one of the most precious and often costly aspects of your wedding.
Consider what elements you want the ring box to be made up of:
Is there a particular type of wood that you like?
Are you going for a rustic or vintage theme?
How many rings does the box need to fit?
Would you like to have it personally engraved with sentiments?

As the ring box is going to contain one of the most vital elements of your wedding, many couples opt to create a personal ring box which is designed specifically for their wedding and theme. The ring box may then be kept as a cherished keepsake from the day and you can also use your wedding ring box after the wedding to store small accessories. If your fingers swell up whilst you sleep in the summer heat, you will find peace in knowing that you have a safe place to store your valuable wedding rings overnight.

double ring box, wedding ring box, ring box, engagement ring box, wooden ring box

Tips for choosing your wooden ring box:

- Check if your ring box is single or double size, as the single will only fit one ring.
- Find out if there’s a magnet inside for seamless magnetic closure to securely close the ring box
- Determine the size of the box. Are you looking for a miniature ring box that can easily slip into your pocket or are you wanting a standard size?
- Investigate what type of fabric or velvet may be inside the ring box as this help will help to securely keep the rings in place
- If you are having your wedding ring box personally engraved, be sure to check that the message is being laser engraved which is permanent and will not rub off or fade. Laser marking the boxes will ensure they’ll last a lifetime, whereas printed messages will discolour or fade over time.
- Consider if your chosen ring box will look great in photos and video pieces to add to your wedding album or photos. Seeing your photographer capture the small details like your names and wedding date laser engraved on your personalised wooden ring box is something you will appreciate and enjoy looking back on.

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