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Inlaid with genuine New Zealand Grown Abalone Shells, these Camphor Wood Cutting Boards are a luxury item, unlike any other that you'll come across.

The Camphor wood is grown and sourced from the Byron Bay region in Australia, where the rough wood is cut and dried for a minimum of 6 months.
We them carefully select the finest slabs and smooth and process them to a high standard and turn them into beautiful cutting boards.
Each board is made from a solid single piece of wood, preserving the woods natural beauty and patterns.

The boards are inlaid with genuine New Zealand Abalone Shells (Paua) - one of the most beautiful kinds available, and sealed in place with a hard epoxy which further reveals the Abalone's natural colours.
The Abalone takes roughly 8 years to grow to its full size where it is then harvested for its meat and the shells are used to create jewelry and inlays.
The Abalone is then re farmed to start its 8 year life cycle again, allowing for a sustainable abalone source.

You may select from the drop down list if you'd like an abalone inlay only, or if you'd like an inlay with some dark laser engraving also.
For the inlay, we allow a single name, emblem or symbol only, but engravings are not limited, any amount of words can be engraved for you at the same cost.

You can send through a black and white image of an emblem, or your logo, or some clip art for us to inlay for you, or we can inlay a first or last name into your board for you.

The inlays take some time to craft and for the epoxy resin to dry - so these boards are taking 1-2 weeks to craft.

These cheese boards are generous in size, crafted from 30mm thick Camphor wood which smells fantastic.
They're 50cm in length and 30cm wide. Inlays have a maximum width of 11cm wide.

Your board is coated with food safe oils, Australian Bees Wax and the finest quality Brazilian Palm Wax available to waterproof them and last for a lifetime.
The're suitable to hand wash only as a dishwasher will drastically shorten any wooden products life.
To keep them looking great, give them the occasional wipe with some vegetable oil.

Please note that each piece is crafted from a unique selection of Camphor Wood and Abalone, each with their own natural imperfections which adds to their beauty.
No two pieces are alike, ensuring you get a genuinely unique gift. You can trust that we select only the finest cuts to use for these high end boards and we take great care in crafting them. Its hard not to put love and care into working with such beautiful materials.