Engraving Ideas for Groomsmen Gifts

Engraving Ideas for Groomsmen Gifts

Hilarious Engraving Ideas for Hip Flasks, Bottle Openers, and Drinking Barware for your Groomsmen.

Gifting your groomsmen or best friends with personalised drinking accessories is a time-honored tradition that adds a special touch to any celebration. But why settle for standard, run-of-the-mill engravings when you can elevate the humor and camaraderie with a bit of clever innuendo? Here are some hilariously unique ideas for engraving hip flasks, bottle openers, and other drinking barware that are guaranteed to elicit a chuckle, a wink, and a nod.


Hip Flask

Hip Flask Engraving Ideas

  1. "I’m Not Drunk, I’m Just in a Very Good Mood"
  2. Time Flies When You’re Having Rum"
  3. "This Flask Knows All My Secrets and Has Never Judged Me"
  4. "Sip, Sip, Hooray! I Forgot What I Was Sad About!"
  5. "Join Me in the Quest to Make Every Hour Happy Hour"
  6. "Liquid Patience"
  7. "Warning: Contains Stories That Will Be Repeated for Years"
  8. "Emergency Thirst Aid Kit"
  9. "Trust Me, You Can Dance. -Whiskey"
  10. "Save Water, Drink Whiskey"
  11. "Sip Happens, Just Keep Drinking"
  12. "Alcohol: Because No Great Story Started with Someone Eating a Salad"
  13. "Sip, Sip, Hooray!"
  14. "Liquor? I Hardly Know Her!
  15. Pour Decisions Encouraged"
  16. "Let’s Get Ready to Stumble
  17. "Party Fuel"
  18. "Exercise? I Thought You Said Extra Fries"
  19. "I Make Pour Decisions"
  20. "Drink Responsibly Means Don’t Spill It"
  21. "I’m Not Slurring, I’m Speaking in Cursive"
  22. "Alcohol is a Solution, Chemically Speaking"
  23. "Will Run for Rum"
  24. "Bad Choices Make Great Stories"
  25. "Booze: The Glue Holding This Shitshow Together"
  26. "Who Needs a Therapist When You Have This Flask"
  27. "Party Now, Adult Later"
  28. "I’m Not an Alcoholic, Alcoholics Go to Meetings"
  29. "Legend Has It This Flask Makes You Invincible"
  30. "Caution: May Cause Marriage Proposals"
  31. "Sipping My Way to Sanity"
  32. "Friendship Powered by Alcohol and Poor Judgement"
  33. "This Flask is Smarter Than Your Smartphone"
  34. "Adulting Requires Alcohol"
  35. "Rehab Is for Quitters"
  36. "Don’t Follow Me, I’ve Got a Flask"
  37. "Lead Me Not Into Temptation… Oh Who Am I Kidding, Follow Me, I Know a Shortcut"
  38. "Sip Happens. Just Make Sure It's Epic."
  39. "Gym? I thought you said gin."
  40. "Hangovers are temporary. Drunken stories are forever."

Bottle Opener Engraving Ideas

Knife with wine opener
  1. "Twist and Shout"
  2. "Pop It Like It's Hot"
  3. "Opening Act: Liquid Courage"
  4. "Brews Before I Dos"
  5. "Cap Lifter, Heart Shifter"
  6. "Let's Get Ready to Stumble"
  7. "Unlock the Brews"
  8. "Beer Pressure Expert"
  9. "Hop to It"
  10. "Serial Chiller"
  11. "Alcohol You Later"
  12. "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer Holder"
  13. "Brew-tiful Moments"
  14. "The Key to Happiness"
  15. "Fermented Therapy"
  16. "Time to Make Other People Interesting"
  17. "Part-Time Magician: I Make Beer Disappear"

Drinking Barware Engraving Ideas

  1. "I Tried Running But I Kept Spilling My Wine"
  2. "This drink tastes like I’m not going to work tomorrow."
  3. "Drink Drank Drunk"
  4. "May Contain Alcohol"
  5. "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer Holder"
  6. "Sip Back and Relax"
  7. "Mimosas Morning, Margaritas Night"
  8. "Alcohol: The Cause and Solution to All of Life’s Problems"
  9. "Let the Evening Be-Gin"
  10. "Wine Not?"
  11. "Screw It, Let’s Do It"
  12. "Martini: Shaken, Not Stirred. Me: Shaken & Stirred"
  13. "Shaken, Stirred, and Slightly Blurred"
  14. "Age Gets Better with Wine"
  15. "Wine Not?"
  16. "In Dog Wines, I’ve Only Had One"
  17. "Wine is the Answer. What Was the Question?"
  18. "My Therapist Says I Need Glasses... So Here I Am"
  19. "This Isn’t a Beer Gut, It’s a Protective Covering for My Rock Hard Abs"
  20. "Survivor of the Great Wine Shortage of Last Weekend"

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