Wine Bottle Opener Personalised Corkscrew

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Opening a bottle of wine or beer should be a simple and enjoyable task, but all too often we find ourselves struggling with cheap or unreliable bottle openers, the edge of a brick wall or even the fire poker to press the cork into the bottle. Whether it's a friend's forgotten opener or a flimsy tool that bends or breaks, its a frustrating experience. But imagine having a bottle opener that not only opens your bottles with ease but also makes a statement, and reminds your friends whose opener it is when they see your name on there.

Introducing our Personalized Bottle Opener, a beautifully crafted tool that is designed to impress. Made from high-quality stainless steel and featuring a stunning wooden handle, this bottle opener is built to last and make a lasting impression. It's the perfect addition to any bar or kitchen, whether you're hosting a dinner party or just enjoying a casual drink at home.

But that's not all, the opener comes with a personalized leather carry pouch, so you'll never lose it and can bring it with you wherever you go. Personalize it with your name or a special message and make it a truly unique and special gift for yourself or a loved one.

No more struggling to open bottles or relying on others openers or the bottom of their bic lighter. With our Personalized Bottle Opener, you'll be able to enjoy your drinks in style and with ease. It's a simple yet elegant solution that will elevate any drinking experience. Order yours today and take the first step to a more enjoyable and effortless bottle-opening experience.

Bottle Opener Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a corkscrew bottle opener.

The two most common types of corkscrews are the waiter's corkscrew, and the winged corkscrew.

The waiter's screw is a compact wine key that easily slips into your pocket. It consists of a small knife to open up the bottle seals, a screw to enter into the cork, and a hinge that rests on the bottle lip and a beer bottle opener tab. You press down on the opposite side of the hinge and it lifts out your cork by a simple lever action.


The winged corkscrew is a larger device that consists of a beer bottle opener, the screw and two wing type levers. Some do not include a small knife to break bottle seals. Winged corkscrews aren't as comfortable to carry for a waiter, as they are larger and heavier, though some people find them easier to use. Double Winged Corkscrews work by raising their levers up by a gear action as you screw them into your cork. You then press down on both wings and it pops your cork out.


How to remove a cork from a wine bottle.

The best way to remove a cork is to use a laguiole styled waiter's corkscrew. These are small elegant wine bottle openers that have everything that you need built right in. A small serrated blade to remove the plastic seals around the bottle necks, a beer bottle opener, and the cork screw itself with a double hinge that sits on the bottle lip to help you pull the cork out effortlessly. Waiters' corkscrews are small and lightweight. They fold up completely so they can be carried safely and comfortably in your pocket.


How to use a waiter's restaurant style corkscrew.

Check the video below of how to use our waiters corkscrew.

How to use pocket corkscrew.

Pocket corkscrews fold up completely so that they can be safely carried in your pocket. They are small and lightweight so they aren’t a hindrance to carry around as a waiter. Simply fold open the screw itself and screw it just over halfway into the cork after you remove the plastic wrap with the fold out blade. It's important to remove the bottle's plastic seal first as it makes it much harder to lift the cork off from its resting spot. Place the first fold out hinge on the bottle lip and press down on the opposite side from the hinge on the corkscrews handle to lift the cork out. You may need to use the second hinge now that the cork has lifted out a bit, just reposition to the second hinge and repeat the process.

Does a waiter's corkscrew open beer?

Yes waiters corkscrews also have a beer or soda opener on them to remove drink lids which aren't twist tops. Our wine cork screw includes a small knife to remove seals or open packaging, a beer bottle opener, the corkscrew and a double hinge to help pull out your cork. Your cork screw comes in a personalised carry pouch to keep it in a pristine condition.


How do you use a double hinged corkscrew?

Double hinged corkscrews may look a bit overwhelming and complicated to use, but you’ll be surprised just how easy they are, and how little space they take up. It’s the reason why waiters choose to carry them.

  •       Open up the small knife to remove the bottle's seal, fold the knife back in and open up the screw.
  •       Position the point of the screw over the middle of the cork and pierce the cork as you screw the corkscrew in roughly halfway or a little more.
  •       Pivot the cork screw so that the first hinge sits on the edge of the bottle lip, and lever the opposite side of the corkscrew down as you see the cork lift.
  •       If you need to pull the cork out even further to loosen it, you’ll now be in range to use the second hinge on the opener to repeat the process and get the cork out all of the way.


How do you open a wine bottle without a corkscrew?

If you’re out of options and you don’t have a corkscrew handy, your last option would be to push the cork into the bottle itself. A blunt butter knife, or even the back of a desert spoon can do the trick. Just Be prepared to sacrifice a little bit of wine and receive a splash as the cork enters into the bottle. Best to wrap an old dish towel that will get stained around the top of the bottle to catch the splash as you push the cork down into the bottle. As you tip the bottle over to pour, the cork will float up to the top allowing you to decant your wine. Best to just get a LilyCraft Wine Bottle opener to be prepared for next time.

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