Coltello Pizza Cutter The worlds best pizza cutter

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A Razor Sharp Pizza Cutter

Slice through any pizza with ease, comfort and zero blade wobble!

Best Pizza Cutter. The Coltello - the worlds best pizza cutter.

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The Coltello is more than just a pizza cutter, it's an experience. Every time you use it, you'll feel the precision and quality in every cut.

Introducing the Coltello, the ultimate pizza cutter that will change the way you slice your pizza forever. Imagine effortlessly gliding through your pizza with minimal effort, as if you're cutting through butter. This cutter is not just sharp, it's like cutting your pizza with a rotating razor blade.

This cutter has been two years in the making, crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. The ergonomic design allows your hand to mold to it, with your thumb comfortably resting on the bolster for added security. You can push hard with this cutter without any risk of slipping, thanks to its unmatched sharpness.

Coltello Pizza Cutter by LilyCraft

The Coltello is not just a pizza cutter, it's a piece of art. The handle is made from the finest Western Australian Desert Sandalwood, providing a comfortable and secure grip. The main body is CNC milled 6061 T6 Aluminium with a sandblast finish and brushed and polished bolster, making it not only beautiful but also extremely durable.

You can check out the full story of the development, installing the machines, figuring out the recipe how to make the Coltello, and all my mistakes and lessons I learnt along the way, right here.

The blade is the heart of this cutter, and the Coltello offers three options: the Premium Blade, Standard Blade, and Damascus Etch Blade. The Premium Blade is extremely difficult to produce, with machined grooves acting as a non-stick surface. It is crafted from a flat bar of 420 Blade Grade Stainless Steel, honed to a razor-sharp edge. The Standard Blade is relatively easy to craft, laser-cut from a flat sheet of 430 Kitchen Grade Stainless Steel, and ground on the edge. The Damascus Etch Blade is a laser-etched version of the standard blade, with a contrasting damascus pattern.

This cutter is not mass-produced, it's crafted 4 at a time, taking weeks to complete. They are not just made, they're crafted to perfection. And as a bonus, personalization and a wooden gift box are included with your purchase. The outside of the box and both sides of the sandalwood handles can be engraved with a message of your choice. The gift box is made from Australian Spotted Gum (Please note current batch is Europen Beech Wood) with black velvet inlays, nickel-coated brass hinges, and neodymium magnets, making it the perfect gift for any pizza lover.

The Coltello is more than just a pizza cutter, it's a statement piece that you'll be proud to own and show off. It's not just a tool, it's a work of art. So don't wait any longer, get your hands on the Coltello and elevate your pizza slicing experience to a whole new level.

Blade Options:

The Premium Blade version is extremely difficult to produce. The machined grooves act as an easy to clean non stick surface. The entire blade is crafted from a flat bar of stainless steel on our CNC Mill. It gets a 3D Machining process that takes a lot of time. It gives a fantastic result, but it is a difficult material to machine.
This blade is 3mm thick at its thickest and 85mm in diameter, Crafted from 420 Blade Grade Stainless Steel, honed to a razor sharp edge.

The Standard Blade version is relatively easy to craft. The blade is laser cut from a flat sheet of Stainless Steel, then the cutting edge is ground on. It takes much less time and effort to produce this blade, and this option can be chosen for a more budget friendly choice. The premium version certainly looks better and will hold its edge for much longer, but both perform extremely well.
This blade is 1.2mm thick at its thickest and 85mm in diameter, crafted from 430 Kitchen Grade Stainless Steel with the edge ground and honed to a razor edge.

The Damascus Etch Blade is a laser etched version of our standard blade. The laser etching removes a bit of material and aneals the steel creating a constrasting damascus pattern. 


Handle: Western Australian Desert Sandalwood.
Main Body: CNC Milled 6061 T6 Aluminium, Sandblast Finish with a Brushed and Polished Bolster.
Blade Standard Option: Laser Cut 430 Kitchen Grade Ferritic Stainless Steel.
Blade Damascus Etch Option: Laser Cut 430 Kitchen Grade Ferritic Stainless Steel, laser etched damascus pattern.
Blade Premium Option: CNC Machined 420 Blade Grade Martensitic Stainless Steel.
Bearings: Corrosion Free Ceramic Knife Bearings.
Blade Retainer: Brushed Brass - Engraved & Clear Hardcoated.
Handle Screws: 304 Grade Austenitic Stainless Steel.
Gift box: Current batch is using European Beech Wood (Australian Spotted Gum is pictured), with Black Velvet Inlays, Nickel Coated Brass Hinges and Neodymium Magnets.


Care Instructions:

Hand Wash Only.
Although Sandalwood is full of natural essential oil that protects the timber and and gives it its incredible smell, we do not recommend machine washing or letting your pizza wheel soak in water.

Dry your blade after washing to prevent surface corrosion which is a natural artifact of premium blade steels, and occasionally oil the blade with mineral or vegetable oil.



Your Coltello pizza cutter is designed to be completely serviceable. Every part is replaceable, and your pizza cutter can be completely disassembled and reassembled if need be.
The brass blade retainers use a Mild Loctite thread locker, but can be unscrewed with your hands. Do not use a permanent thread locker when reassembling.
Handles can be removed and replaced in the unlikely event that you damage them.
When reassembling or with first use, your Ceramic bearings will break in to their seats, spinning more freely with each use.

Sharpening of your blade is possible, but not necessary. A sharpening kit will be released shortly, consisting of a wet stone and a specialized bolt allowing the blade to be secured to a hand drill for sharpening.
Our own sharpening process is done by hand, using a linishing machine with various grit belts, and finally a leather strop to develop the razor edge.

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