Custom Engraved Cheese Board. Personalised Round Cutting Board.

Include any details that we may need to craft your order. Wording, Artwork Options, Font Choices and Date needed if Urgent. Use a space if no information is needed.

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Customised cheese board just for you, let me know the name or names you'd like me to add and any other special wording requests and I'll craft you a beautiful design in the style as pictured.

The engraving for these boards are done edge to edge, perfectly, something that takes great skill to achieve.

Your cutting board is hand crafted in Australia from an Australian Intsia hardwood which will last you meany years.
Use them as a serving board, cheese board or for wall decoration.
They will be engraved with the handle in a vertical position so you can stand it up against your wall or hang them from your wall.

Please note that Intsia wood contains natural tannins which may leach out with use when the oil and wax coating gets depleted.
This is a natural tea coloured compound which may leach out with washing. Please be careful not to use your Intsia board on surfaces that can stain.

The engraving that we do is an extremely high quality with smooth edges so food will not get stuck easily in the corners.
We give your carefully crafted boards a food safe coating consisting of mineral oils, and natural waxes including bees wax and palm wax.

Intsia wood engraves beautifully with a deep black contrast that does not rub off with use.

Let me know your wording that you require and I'll craft you a beautiful design with a nice dark contrast.

Engraving Type:
• Front Side Only - a beautiful edge to edge engraving with the wording you'd like.
• Front + Back Message - you can add a short message on the back of the board to let them know who the gift is from, or some other short message up to 5 lines.

30cm round x 46.5cm Long x 1.8cm Thick.