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LilyCraft Wooden Ring Boxes

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Discover the Charm of Customization with These Handmade Wooden Ring Boxes

This is it. You have the ring, a truly picture-perfect location has been decided on, your photographer is booked. What could be left? There is so much time and effort put into the ultimate proposal plan and of course, making sure the dream ring was picked out, that one of the most significant parts of the engagement is forgotten about – the engagement ring box.

Ask any photographer. The ring box is going to be making an appearance more often than you would think. The detail shots, flat lays, there are going to be so many angles that the ring box will be showing up in. Make sure you are ready for the occasion with a personalised wooden ring box.

Think rustic, modern luxury. Engraved wedding ring boxes by LilyCraft are beautifully crafted from sustainably sourced wood and customised to fit your personal style. Each box is hand assembled and skillfully sanded for a luxuriously smooth feel, look, and finish. Each letter is laser etched with your customisable memorable details. You never have to worry about your custom engravings fading – laser engravings are permanent, truly making this little treasure ready to last a lifetime.

LilyCraft personalised wooden ring boxes were thoughtfully designed with your perfect proposal in mind from concept to engraving. The single ring sizes were engineered and tested to be easily popped in a pocket ready for your big moment and then with its magnetic closure, it is a flawless one hand twist to open.

The double ring boxes speaks to your future union of love and are the perfect size for both rings to be presented with honor at your ceremony.

Your sustainable, luxury wooden ring box is lined with hessian fabric or velvet inside for that extra touch of ultimate elegance and class while always holding them securely in place, no matter the activity the proposal involves.

When you’re down on one knee slowly opening that little box that holds the start of the next shimmering chapter of your life, you’re not going to want anything basic or boring holding that gleaming rock. You want a ring box that is not only going to compliment that first impression of the ring, but one that will show how precious your partner is to them and be treasured keepsake that can double as a place to keep your rings safe and secure for years to come.


All You Need to Know About Personalised Wooden Ring Boxes by LilyCraft: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I choose the type of wood used to make the box?
A: The type of wood used will depend on the availability and sustainability of what is seasonably available. We stick to the advertised wood species and from time to time have rare and once off batches in a different species on offer. However, if you have a specific type of wood you would like to be used, you can contact us to check if it is possible.

Q: How long does it take to get my personalised wooden ring box?
A: The production time will depend on the specific seller and the complexity of the engravings. It is best to contact the seller for an estimated turnaround time.

Q: How do I maintain and take care of my wooden ring box?
A: Wooden ring boxes should be kept in a dry and cool place. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures to prevent warping or cracking. If the box gets dirty, gently wipe it with a dry cloth.

Q: What are personalised wooden ring boxes?
A: Personalised wooden ring boxes are beautifully crafted and customised wooden boxes designed to hold engagement rings. Each box is made from sustainably sourced wood and hand assembled for a luxuriously smooth feel, look, and finish.

Q: How are the boxes personalised?
A: The boxes are customised with laser-etched engravings of your personalised details, such as names and dates. These engravings are deep and permanent, ensuring that the box will last a lifetime.

Q: What sizes are the boxes available in?
A: Our range of single ring boxes which are engineered and tested to be easily popped in a pocket and perfect for surprise proposal. They're crafted to suit the most common range of ring and stone sizes. Double ring boxes are the perfect size for two rings to be presented and photographed with honor at your ceremony.

Q: What is the inside of the ring boxes like?
A: The boxes are lined with either vegan leather, lamb leather or velvet inside, providing an extra touch of elegance and class while keeping the rings securely in place. Some of our boxes use intricate hand folded pillows, and others use precision laser cut pillows. We leave the inside of the boxes blank to allow you to add engraving on the inner side of the lid, while our LilyCraft logo is discreetly placed underneath your ring box.

Q: Why should I choose a personalised wooden ring box?
A: A personalised wooden ring box is not only a unique and thoughtful addition to your proposal or wedding, but it also serves as a treasured keepsake and a place to keep your rings safe and secure for years to come.

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