How to find coordinates of an address or location for engraving with google maps

Engraving meaningful coordinates on any of our personalized gifts for your loved ones you'll need to get the coordinates. Follow these simple 4 steps to get your coordinates displayed in degrees, minutes and seconds - a format that looks great for engraving.
engraved compass


1. To find your latitude and longitude of a meaningful location from google maps on mobile, zoom in and drop a pin by holding your finger on the exact spot you'd like to mark.

how to find coordinated on mobile


2. Click on the pin you dropped which will open a new screen, and click on the blue pin with the coordinates which will copy the location to your clipboard.

copy coordinates on google maps from mobile

On a computer, just left click at the precise point you need the coordinates for which will bring up a popup. Click on the very first selection of the coordinates displayed which will copy them to your clipboard.

copy google maps coordinates on pc


3. Paste your coordinates into the position boxes on sites like

how to find gps coordinates of address


finding map coordinates


4. Save your location in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds for us to engrave your meaningful coordinates.

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