Christmas Gifts

It's hard not to put love and effort into working with such a beautiful piece of wood, taken from the tree itself. Camphor wood smells incredible, looks fantastic, is naturally antibacterial and protects your knives during use.CUSTOM ENGRAVINGS:Yo...
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Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s the most fun time of the year, even when you grow up, or even when you don’t but you’re still considered to be an “adult”. As a child there is nothing more magical than Christmas. The night before always seemed to last forever, till you can open up your gifts after weeks of picking them up, peeking under the wrapping paper and guessing what could be inside.

As you grow older you start to appreciate a personal touch to your gifts a bit more. Something with your name or a personal message from a loved one engraved on a product adds so much more value to the item.

We have a range of custom personalised Christmas gift ideas and products that we can personalise exactly as you need them. Our engravings are of the highest quality, permanent laser etching and marking to last a lifetime.

Popular Customised Christmas Gifts

Our most popular customised Christmas gifts are our laser engraved cutting boards, cheese boards and chopping boards. We do a very high quality engraving with a smooth edge so food does not get trapped in the edges unlike many engraved chopping boards. We use a very specialised american laser engraver to craft boards of the highest quality.

We also craft custom Christmas decorations, wooden gift tags and personalised snack or candy jars that you can fill with your recipients favorite treats.



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