*** Right now I'm finishing filming and editing ***
You must be pretty curious to have stumbled upon this page. I have two knives for sale currently, so if you see them in stock, you can grab one before the official release.

See every part our manufacturing process to bring our Cuisiner knife to life.
From grinding the hand forged knife blank, to turning the screws, milling the brass bolsters and machining the ebony inlays. See every single hand finishing process, from sandblasting, to sanding, sharpening and assembly. 
We show you everything, so you can see the care and the passion that goes into making one of our knives.

Check out the full version and become a part of the journey.
You get to jump in to where I make the first pre production run, where I'm still figuring out just how to do this process. You'll see my mistakes and the lessons. You'll see the effort involved and hopefully also learn something that could help you in creating a knife if you wish.
Its my small way of giving back, as a lot of guys have helped me to get to this point through their videos.

Or check out the quick version, which just shows a montage of the Cuisiner knife making process.

Be quick and order your own Cuisiner if you're lucky enough to get one when a new batch is released here.

LilyCraft Cuisiner Chefs Knife Production Process