Hooray! You Have Your Very First Knife!

Wow, what a special day! Having your own knife is a big honour and comes with great responsibility. Let’s learn how to use it safely so you can have lots of fun and stay safe.

My First Knife: A Guide for Safe and Fun Adventures!

Safety Tips for Using Your Knife

  1. Always Have a Grown-Up With You Before you start using your knife, make sure an adult has taught you how to use it. And remember, always use your knife with a grown-up watching you.

  2. Sit Down While You Use Your Knife It’s important to sit down while using your knife. Always cut away from your body and hands. This way, if the blade slips, it won’t hurt you.

  3. Open One Tool at a Time Only open one part of your knife at a time. When you’re done, fold it back carefully. Keep your fingers away from the blade when folding it.

  4. Keep Your Knife in a Safe Place When you’re not using your knife, put it away in a safe place where other kids can’t reach it.

  5. Use Your Knife for Outdoor Adventures Only Your knife is for special outdoor adventures. Don’t take it to school or the playground. It’s just for exploring with a grown-up.

Have Fun and Stay Safe!

Using your knife can be lots of fun if you follow these simple rules. Always remember to be careful and have a grown-up help you. Happy adventuring!





Meet Your Amazing Swiss Knife!

Hey there, adventurer! Let's explore your super cool Swiss knife and all the awesome tools it has. Ready? Let's go!

  1. Knife - Great for cutting apples, opening packages, or slicing cheese for your snack time!
  2. Can Opener - Perfect for opening cans of yummy fruit or baked beans during a picnic.
  3. Wood Saw - Ideal for sawing little twigs to build a tiny fort or a cool craft project.
  4. Fish Descaler and Hook Disgorger - Handy for removing scales from fish or helping to unhook a fish if you ever go fishing!
  5. Scissors - Snip paper for crafts, trim threads, or cut ribbons for gifts.
  6. Bottle Opener with Flat Blade Screwdriver - Open bottles of fizzy drinks or use the screwdriver to fix your toys.
  7. Lanyard Loop - Attach your knife to your backpack or belt so it’s always with you on adventures.
  8. Cork Screw - Ask a grown-up to show you how this opens bottles of juice or sparkling water. You can also use it to help untie tight knots or create fun spiral designs in clay.
  9. Sewing Eye for Leather and Canvas - Perfect for threading thick string to fix things like your favourite bag or a tent.
  10. Nail Polisher - Buff and shine your nails so they look super cool!
  11. Reamer for Punching and Drilling Holes - Make holes in leather belts or cardboard for crafts.
  12. Phillips Screwdriver - Tighten screws on your toys or help with small projects around the house.

Remember, always ask a grown-up for help and have tons of fun with your Swiss knife!

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